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Pageant Tips and Tricks

The road to becoming a pageant contestant can be difficult and scary, especially if you have never competed in a pageant before!
All of the tips below were designed to help you become a prepared, confident pageant contestant.

Does this crown fit you?
The first step to making a successful run for the crown is to concentrate on making your contestant application as complete, concise, and neat as possible. In the Miss West Duluth Pageant, each judge is given a copy of the contestant applications. For that reason, is is very important that you make the best impression on your application. Neatness on your application is important. Typing your application is one option. You may also print neatly in a dark pen. Honesty is also important in creating your winning application. Remember that it is better to have a small array of activities and facts than a huge variety of inaccurate information! Keep in mind that the judges may formulate interview questions based on the information you provided on your application.
All dressed up with no place to go?As a contestant in the Miss West Duluth Pageant, you will participate in a style show, where you will model a casual outfit and a formal evening gown. When you are a registered contestant in the pageant, you will receive more details on your outfits. In the style show, the judges will not concentrate on modeling techniques. Rather, they will be looking for poise, grace, and attitude while modeling outfits. To supplement the style show, each contestant will write a commentary describing her outfits. The commentaries will be read while you are modeling your outfits onstage. It is important to have a detailed, interesting commentary. Commentaries should range in length from five to seven sentences, and should include great detail about your outfits. The style show and commentary segment of the competition is worth forty percent of your total score.

A great essay can be the stepping stone to the crown!
Each Miss West Duluth contestant is required to submit an essay on the topic, "Why I Would Like to Represent the West Duluth Area as Miss West Duluth." Your essay must be 100 words or less in length. You may select any format for your essay; however, traditionally the judges score simple, three paragraph essays higher. Be sure that your essay is neat and typed neatly on simple white paper. Your essay will be judged on your thought process, your ability to sound convincing and motivated, grammar and spelling, and overall neatness and organization. In the Miss West Duluth Pageant, contestant essays count for fifteen percent of the total score.

The most significant portion of the competition...your personal interview!
Many contestants feel nervous before their personal interview. As the interview is the first event in the competition, it is best to put your best foot forward to ensure you will stand out in the judges' minds! As mentioned before, each judge will be given a copy of your application prior to your interview. Be sure that your are ready to discuss any detail that is included on your application! Judges may also ask other general interest questions from a wide variety of topics. Topics may include your future goals and ambitions, your school and community activites, your feelings on current events, your feelings on issues that affect teens, and your relationships with your friends and family. Your personal interview will be judged on your thought process, your ideas, your grammar, the depth of your answers, and your overall impression. The judges will also be evaluating your desire to represent West Duluth! Your interview score will count for forty percent of your overall scoring total.

According to many contestants, this is the scariest part of the competition...the spontaneous question!
Each pageant contestant will answer a spontaneous question on stage the night of the pageant. As the question only counts for five percent of your total score, the question is nothing to be concerned about. Your spontaneous question will consist of a pageant related topic. Some topics to ponder include why you entered the pageant, why you would like to win the title of Miss West Duluth or Princess, what you feel you could bring to the title should you be selected as the winner, and how your friends and family feel about your participation in the pageant. Judges will be looking for your ability to think on your feet, your grace under pressure, a well though out answer, and your overall impression.

Tip of the week...
Proper posture is essential to success in pageants. To help you to relax and to guarantee proper posture, try this simple trick: roll your shoulders forward five times. Now, roll your shoulders back five times. When you have completed your shoulders rolls, your posture will automatically be properly aligned. It is that simple to put forth a well-balanced, posture perfect look!